ELEAMED: The Best Luxury, Handmade Soaps…A Voyage for the Senses!

From a land steeped in legend comes a legendary soap…

ELEAMED’s luxury handmade soaps blend nature’s finest ingredients with optimized production methods to create a sensory experience that refreshes and nourishes your skin, leaving it luxuriantly smooth and Aphrodite-fresh.

All ELEAMED soaps are infused with the purest extra virgin olive oil organically sourced from the heart of Greece and made with “living” water from the mythic Krathis River in southern Greece. According to a study from the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, water from the Krathis river is among the purest in Greece.

Thanks to innovative production methods, including micro-capsules in the base composition and saponification at ambient temperature, ELEAMED soaps yield maximum hydration. Use our moisturizing and skin conditioning soaps, with their sensuous silky feel and creamy luxurious lather, every day to feel freshly clean, never stripped or dry. Enjoy the glow of healthy skin every day, the Natural handcrafted way! One bar can be used for body and face.