Totally pure organic Greek extra virgin olive oil is at the center of ELEAMED’s unique blend that makes each soap a sensory experience like none other. Olive oil is the perfect fat for human skin and instead of blocking the pores, actually allows the skin to breathe.

The benefits of olive oil consumption are by now widely known. Extra virgin olive oil does double duty as both a delicious key ingredient in healthful Mediterranean cooking and is also classified as a “medicine." The extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), produced by mechanical means, cold pressed, contains several bioactive ingredients and antioxidants like polyphenols, phytosterols and vitamin E, and has an acidity of less than 0.8%.

At ELEAMED we set out to create a 100% natural product, ideal for every skin type and with the power to nourish the skin with only the best organic ingredients, offering it shine and health.

We dared to diversify and to follow our own know-how in oils and optimizing their proportions. By studying chemical tables and using our own years of experience, we achieved a composition that maximizes the moisturizing properties of each soap. In addition to extra virgin olive oil, our soaps use:


Derived from the fruit of the almond tree, almond oil is traditionally used by aroma therapists as a basic dissolution body of essential oils, as well as a main herbal massage oil. It has emollient properties for the skin and deeply hydrates it, by offering valuable nutrients like vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Because of its fine texture, it is very easily absorbed and leaves no feeling of greasiness.


It is an extremely popular and nutritious oil derived from mature coconuts. Coconuts have been the main food for centuries for those who live in the tropics, but their use in industry and cosmetology has also established them as an important commodity. Coconuts are quite beneficial for the health in many ways, mainly because of their nutritional fiber. The oil we obtain from them is a wonderful source of food, also used in pharmacology. Its richness in vitamin E and essential fatty acids helps protect the skin from dryness.

All are ingredients in our range of natural luxury Greek soaps.