All the oils used in ELEAMED are organic, virgin oils. We use extra virgin olive oil from the Agricultural Cooperatives Union of Aeghion which has been honored with international awards and has set stringent conditions for the designation of "extra virgin olive oil.”

ELEAMED handmade soaps contain only organic virgin oils in ideal proportions and harmoniously combine cleansing and moisturizing properties. In addition, they keep the skin pores open, allowing them to breathe. They are so rich in precious oils and moisturizing ingredients, you probably won’t even need to use a moisturizing cream.

We currently offer three types of ELEAMED soaps: Lavender, Cedar, and Petit Grain. All are 100% natural, without the addition of chemicals. Each soap is produced by in our own factory, with utmost care and love. You’ll feel the difference instantly. Welcome to your new “must" in daily skin care.

Lavender, Cedar and Petit Grain each have a uniquely fresh, herbal aroma that transports your senses to a luxury spa. Always, extra virgin olive oil is harvested locally in Greece and is used therapeutically in our unique blend for not only a natural clean but clearing the mind, centering the spirit, and grounding and reconnecting with the earth — just like the ancient Greeks.

ELEAMED’s team of master soap makers are experts, truly delivering the finest bathing experience possible.
- Purest handcrafted bar soap
- Individually packaged in eco-friendly reusable elm wood boxes
- Leaves skin feeling silky & moisturized
- Silky texture and gentle, luxurious lather
- Excellent for sensitive skin