ELEAMED’s range of 100% natural skincare soaps marry science and nature to create the premium cosmetic soap for the eco-conscious consumer. By sourcing our soaps with the finest organic components including pure Greek spring water and naturally hydrating extra virgin olive oil, and actually upending a key portion of the production process, we have created an entirely new kind of soap that delivers the finest cleansing and bathing experience possible, with every use and for face and body.

Three distinct innovations have enabled ELEAMED soaps to attain a new level of perfection:

Saponification at ambient temperature

There are two types of soap production: hot and cold. In the first, oils are boiled which results in the destruction of valuable ingredients. With the cold method the oils are warmed, thus putting at risk their valuable ingredients.

At ELEAMED, we innovated by allowing the oils to react naturally at ambient temperature, thereby ensuring the potency of the ingredients. The natural oils are saponified to perfection creating a bar of soap unlike any other. You’ll feel the difference.

Moreover, ELEAMED soaps mature naturally without any artificial intervention for at least three months at ambient natural temperature

Micro-capsules with essential oils

For the first time the essential oils are preserved in the form of microcapsules, which stay unchanged until the time of use.

Thanks to this double innovation, ELEAMED has been granted patent (Patent No 1008777/ΙPC A61K 8/11) for its composition (micro-capsule) and production method (saponification at ambient temperature).

Pure water from the River Krathis

To ensure superior quality, each bar of ELEAMED Soap is made using the purest water from the mythic River Krathis. This "live" water, which according to a study from the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, is among the purest in Greece (indicatively, nitrogen is six times lower than the nitrogen content of rain water), is then deionized in our laboratory.

According to Greek legend, the waters of the Styx which formed one of earth’s boundaries are the sources of River Krathis at Mount Helmos in Achaia, at an altitude of 2,100 meters. In Greek mythology, the gods were bound by the Styx and swore oaths on it - even Helios, the sun god. It was the holiest oath that a god could swear. Achilles was dipped in it in his childhood, acquiring invulnerability, with exception of his heel, by which his mother, Thetis, held him.

Before emptying into the Gulf of Corinth, the Krathis rises in the Helmos Mountains, flowing through a deep Grecian valley. The River Krathis is to this day one of the cleanest rivers in Europe.


ELEAMED soaps are 100% Natural with No Chemical Traces

ELEAMED soaps use the clear silicone mold that is the safest solution. It takes a bit more time, but the results are a safe, clean and natural product. Your health and well-being is worth it!

- Clear individual silicone molds
- All the oils are organic, from certified organic crops
- All essential oils are 100% natural
- Each soap individually packaged in convenient box made from naturally unprocessed poplar wood
- All the ingredients used are fully recyclable
- The containers we use to save the oils for the production of the soaps are stainless steel, never plastic.


The elea from the olive because the Latin name was olea and med from Mediterranean and medicine (due to the therapeutic qualities of the oils and essential oils) — that is why for the essential oils we select only native Mediterranean plants.